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Netfabb GmbH
Founded  in 2009 , Netfabb provides innovative software solutions that reduce production costs and increases efficiency in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. netfabb software bridges the gap between content and machines and is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
Netfabbis  a provider of Additive Manufacturing software solutions. With Netfabb products Netfabb Professional, Netfabb Selective Space Structures (3S), Netfabb CAD Import, Netfabb Automatic Packing, Netfabb cover everything you need for fast, reliable and successful Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing.  ( lrps israel )
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Netfabb Professional
Netfabb App for Androide
Professional 3D printing software netfabb Professional is an advanced software for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.netfabb Professional improves your productivity in quote creation, checking and repairingof build data, as well as job optimization. Quality control with netfabb Professional preventsmachine errors and enhances your overall process reliability and efficiency.
ADD ON Moduls for Netfabb Professional: Netfabb Selective Space Structures (3S), Netfabb CAD Import, Netfabb Automatic Packing.  ( lrps israel )
For more information please do not hesitate to contact us!
netfabb Packing
For efficient production, automatically nest your objects in the build chamber at the push of a button. The 3D packing function places parts in a three-dimensional box volume and is primarily targeted for laser sintering machines but can be used on any other machines where parts can be stacked reasonably freely.
 ( lrps israel )
CAD Import
Convert original CAD data inside netfabb Professional regardless which CAD program your client is using. With netfabb Professional you can import 20 leading CAD formats* without conversion and translation errors. After converting the model, its buildability is checked, possible imperfections are repaired and the production is started. Meet your delivery deadlines without troubling engineers or customers about file conversion.
 ( lrps israel )
Selective Space Structures (3S)
  • 3S MakeAdditive Manufacturing enables almost total freedom of geometry. 3S Make features basic functions to fill solids with standard structures at the mere push of a button. [ more ]
  • 3S InventA complete engineering and developer's kit featuring all functions of the 3S software. Create your own proprietary structures and turn your designs into advanced structural solutions with superior performance.
 ( lrps israel )
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