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Bridging the Gap Between 3D Software and Printer


The Materialise Build Processors significantly simplify the 3D printing process while we are working towards a more standardized machine communication system. Through the Build Processors, hardware and software are perfectly matched. The convenient man–machine interface reduces complexity and makes AM technology accessible to a wider range of users.

Materialise has strong partnerships with several AM machine manufacturers, which allows each party to focus on their core competencies. Materialise provides the software platform and toolbox, then the system manufacturer feeds it with process-specific knowledge. This creates an improved user experience and gives customers more options to get the most out of their machines.

Through the Build Processor systems, the AM data preparation process has expanded to allow slice-based technology. This enables improved handling of large files, such as those containing metadata on texturing or structures.

Data Processing

  • Process compensations

  • Slicing and slice-based data

  • Slice post-processing

  • Integrated supports

Process Integration

  • Machine integration

  • Client-server set-up

  • Front-end software integration

Additional Features

  • Material and build-time estimation

  • Material development module


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