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EOS Systems for Plastic Manufacturing

EOS provides Systems and Solutions for Additive Manufacturing of Polymer Series Products, Spare Parts and Prototypes. Without requiring tools, EOS systems make direct use of digital CAD data to produce polymer parts of the highest quality.

Additive Manufacturing System for processing high performance polymers 

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The EOS P 770 is a Laser Sintering System with two lasers for the production of large parts and for industrial high-throughput manufacturing. Thanks to its new hardware and software features, the EOS P 770 is up to 20 percent more productive than its predecessor. 
EOS P 770


High productive Laser Sintering System for parts of up to one meter in length Improved part quality with a build volume of over 150 liters



Compact-class Additive Manufacturing system that offers a cost-efficient and highly productive entry into the world of Additive Manufacturing.

FORMIGA P 110 is a flexible, cost-efficient and highly productive system for the AM polymer parts. This compact system is ideal as an entry into AM, for example for cost-efficient small series production, customised products with complex geometries and rapid prototyping applications. 
High-Temperature Laser Sintering for process temperatures of up to 385 °C 

EOSINT P 800 is the world's first laser sintering system for the AM of high-performance plastic products at the necessary high process temperatures (HTLS). The system uses a layering process on high-melt polymers at temperatures of up to 385 °C, producing parts with remarkable properties. 
EOS P 396


About 38% less energy consumption and up to 32% faster
System for Additive Manufacturing of serial parts and functional prototypes from polymer materials. 

With total build size of 340 x 340 x 600 mm, the EOS P 396 covers the medium build volume range. Compared to its predecessor model, the EOS P 396 consumes for a typical building job (filling ratio 5.8%) about 38% less energy and is up to 32% faster.
"EOS offers modular solutions for Additive Manufacturing from polymer materials, including systems, software and materials."
The innovative manufacturing platform produces components that fulfill highest requirements regarding mechanical and dimensional accuracy and reproducibility. Thanks to clever hardware interfaces and accessories, the uptime of the EOS P 500 increases by up to 75% compared to predecessor systems and competition models.
EOS P 500


The automation-ready manufacturing platform for laser sintering of plastic parts on an industrial scale. High quality components at the lowest cost-per-part. Maximum productivity for processing polymers at operating temperatures of up to 300°C


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