Lithoz offers industry and research additive manufacturing systems for the manufacture of high-performance ceramics.
The individual system components are optimally matched to one another and guarantee the production of high-quality components from high-performance ceramics, directly from the corresponding CAD data.
CeraFab Multi 2M30

Multi-material 3D printing
Versatile structures
Complete independence

The ultimate answer for 3D printed multi-material component development. Our latest breakthrough that CeraFab multi 2m30 , can the idea of 3D printing of multi-material components with complex geometries reality. With this machine it is possible to develop not only different ceramics, but also ceramic-metal components and ceramic-polymer components, whereby the composition and organization of the materials within a component can be gradually changed.
The next level of our CeraFab System S65, which was specially developed for use in medicine and dentistry. At Lithoz, we strive to provide the medical and dental industry and research with only the highest quality technology and services. Our new CeraFab System S65 Medical enables the production of 3D-printed components of the highest quality, which have excellent biocompatible properties and offer almost unlimited geometry options. 
CeraFab System Medical S65

Innovative patient-specific applications
Excellent biocompatibility
Effortless mass customization

CeraFab System S25, S65, S230

Increased productivity
Unmatched precision
Consolidated Reliability

The CeraFab system family is the best choice when it comes to the industrial series production of high-performance ceramics through additive manufacturing. Each machine in the CeraFab system family, consisting of the S25, S65 and S230, offers a fully-fledged 3D printing system for future-oriented developments. A total of up to four production units can be combined, which enables simple scale-up and the fast production of extraordinary ceramic components.
CeraFab Lab - coming soon!

User friendly
Cost effective

The ideal entry-level 3D printer for the cost-effective production of ceramic prototypes and small series.
The CeraFab Lab  is a reliable entry-level 3D printer that was developed for beginners in ceramic 3D printing. As a further development of our first CeraFab 7500 machine, it enables the production of high-performance ceramics with a quality that corresponds to or even exceeds that of conventionally manufactured components.
"The Lithoz product portfolio also includes various ceramic materials optimized for 3D printing , software products and customer-specific solutions for complex challenges. "