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As the EOS reseller in Israel, L.R.P.S is the leading company for Industrial Additive Manufacturing in Israel, offering the systems & solutions of EOS GmbH, Lithoz GmbH, Materialise NV and CAESS d.o.o .
Three-dimensional printing technology is developing over the years and EOS GmbH systems - which are in the vanguard of the technology offer the broadest range of printable materials: from printing in polymer (nylon 12) and a long list of metals such as titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, cobalt-chrome, stainless steel and other metals.
Groundbreaking technology company EOS provides a solution to the needs of a variety of industries including: Dental, Medical, Aerospace, Life Style, Automotive etc..
Supporting its customer over all the Industrial Additive Manufacturing process,in L.R.P.S you will find the full solution for your AM department From the hardware to the software and other AM services.
L.R.P.S mission and vision is to provide our customers the best solution for the most innovative technology in the highest quality.
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