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Industry - 3D printing of components with inbuilt functionality in one manufacturing step


Additive Manufacturing allows tool-less production and maximum freedom of design


Sustainable energy efficiency, constant cost pressures, special-purpose parts in short-run productions, unrelenting deadline pressures – industrial companies are confronted with many challenges. The production of small runs, however, can scarcely be cost effective with conventional, tool-based methods. Moreover, responding quickly to a changed part geometry just before the start of production involves a lot of work and costs. This can jeopardize delivery to schedule, for instance, at parts suppliers.

Additive Manufacturing provides industrial companies with completely new solutions for realising tool-less production methods. The technology gives designers maximum freedom of design. Providing material only where it is needed for mechanical strength or functionality, this solution can also manufacture lightweight parts with highly complex geometries.

An EOS system can produce components with inbuilt functionality in the one manufacturing step. Tool-less Additive Manufacturing is a thoroughly cost effective solution especially for the serial production of small quantities. Changes to part geometries can be transferred to production at any time, and risks to scheduled deliveries are no longer a problem. One other advantage is the practically unlimited availability of spare parts, which can be manufactured as and when they are needed.

In addition, Additive Manufacturing operates with essentially greater material efficiency than machining methods. A laser sintering machine applies the powdered material only to those sites where it is meant to be applied. Unfused material can be recycled and reintroduced to the production process.

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