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HAPPY NEW YEAR from Digital- Cut O.R ltd and

!L.R.P.S ltd

שנה טובה מדיגיטל קאט אור בע"מ

ו-L.R.P.S ltd!

Digital Cut OR NEWS


  • New – special materials manufactured by Rogers for electro – optical and electro – mechanical applications.

  • Digital Cut equipped with new production line for mass production.

All images and information provided by EOS GmbH.


EOSPRINT DesignCheck P: EOS‘ new software tool for quick-screening CAD-Designs for manufacturability on EOS-Polymer-Systems

How do you evaluate if your design can be manufactured with Additive Manufacturing? Do you have to ask your company internal expert? But what to do if you don’t own a machine? EOSPRINT DesignCheck P is a cost-efficient software tool to quick-screen your CAD designs for manufacturability on EOS polymer systems. Your digital geometries are analyzed automatically for compliance with applicable design rules (e.g. min- and max wall thickness, holes, detail resolution, build area). Potential problem areas are highlighted including specific recommendations for improvements. As a result “CAD-Designers” can learn the design rules much faster, dramatically reducing the review cycles with “Application Engineers” and potentially bad parts. “Sales Engineers” have a possibility to very quickly decide on the manufacturability of parts and if using of AM as production technology makes sense.


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Materialise NV NEWS


L.R.P.S Ltd is now the reseller for Materialise products in Israel including new Magics 19 and  3-maticSTL .

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EOS Build Processor

Materialise and EOS have partnered together to create the EOS Build Processor. This custom-built software solution is user-friendly and efficient, which simplifies the 3D printing process for the user. The seamless integration with Magics enables the user to benefit from all the advantages of this industry-leading software package.

All images and information provided by Materialise.
All images and information provided by netfabb.
netfabb GmbH NEWS


netfabb Professional 6.0 - the new version is released, increase your productivity and CAD capabilities using the new version's features!


Highlights of netfabb 6 include:

  • full compliance with the new 3mf standard format in all Professional versions

  • automatic 2D nesting and automatic mass labeling in all Professional versions

  • new add-on for support generation for metal parts

  • new version netfabb Enterprise with a cost-saving server licensing model


Powerful add-on for support generation
Extend your netfabb software with the possibility to easily add support lattices and structures to your parts and therefore ensure full productive capability with manufacturing on machines using Selective Laser Melting, SLA and DLP technology.

All images and information provided by CAESS.


Topology optimization is a process of simulation-driven-design of load-carrying structural parts.
In this process the optimizer determines automatically where to put and where to remove material in order to get a light-weight structure without stress concentrations and with lowest possible stress levels.
CAESS ProTOp is a high-performance and robust topology optimizer with excellent capabilities to generate and optimize also lattice structures.
The resulting meshes are of high quality and can be directly submitted to 3D printer if desired.

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Tel: 972-49-913020  Fax: 972-4-9913012

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