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EOS M100

High-End system for the fast and efficient production of complex metal parts by means of additive manufacturing. The EOS M 100 offers reproducible component quality, simple and fast handling and high cost efficiency.

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The University of Hertfordshire announces the development of a revolutionary new prototype collection of wearable 3D printed garments. The collection was printed with EOS Formiga P110.

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EOSTATE Everywhere - Real-Time Monitoring for EOS Systems

EOSTATE Everywhere is the next step toward user-friendly machine park monitoring, offering real-time information on Machine Park Status and access to current sensor values and pictures.

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Materialise Introduces the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite, the Most Complete Software Suite for the 3D Printing Industry

Materialise NV (NASDAQ: MTLS)  will be launching the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite .This new software suite combines the functionality of multiple applications into one complete set of business solutions.The Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite’s unique neutrality gives its customers the possibility to utilize data generated from numerous sources, convert it into innovative applications and print it with any printer available in the market.

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A new type of static mixer with variable channel design

In order to mix two or more components together, static mixers are used for many areas of chemical processes and techniques. Concerning microsystems the focus is on minimizing the diffusion path and the total volume of the component.
Ceramics offer excellent properties in high temperature resistance as well as chemical resistance.


  • Realization of high-performance ceramic components with a complexity that could not be produced until now

  • The change of the channel diameter also achieves a change in speed, and this results in a relative change of pressure.

  • (reduction of cross section à increase in speed à decrease of pressure.

  • In combination with the adjacent channel, which has its maximum diameter in the area of the connection, the mixing between these channels takes place due to the pressure difference.

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Euro-K Designs and Uses EOS Technology to Manufacture Micro-Burners for Optimized Combustion of Gaseous and Liquid Fuels

Euro-K is experiencing an unprecedented increase in efficiency with the building of optimized burner geometry for gases and liquids by using EOS additive manufacturing technology.

For centuries, a streamlined prow was believed to be the only practical shape for the front section of a boat hull until David Watson Taylor invented the bulbous bow. This nose-shaped design allows the water to flow perfectly around the boat almost without any bow waves. A new shape therefore allowed an undreamed-of increase in efficiency. Euro-K experienced something similar with the construction of optimized burner geometry for gases and liquids   by using Additive Manufacturing technology provided by EOS.

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