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specialize in contactless optical measurement systems.
As a manufacturer we provide full advice and support on the selection and we make modifications to the specific customer requirements. 
We provide warranty service and after sales service.


  • SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE SP - This universal 3D scanner is a tool dedicated to enter 3D world both for metrologicaly proven technical measurements as well as for national heritage measurements where color of the object is crucial information.​

  • MICRON3D green - Thanks to modern technological solutions like green LED light and corbon cover. Scanner can be used easily away from measurement laboratory. MICRON3D  is referential measurement device calibrated according to VDI/VDE 2634 standards and it’s accuracy can be additionally approved by independent accredited measurement laboratory.​

  • MICRON3D color -  is a complex solution for precise digitalization of detailed object with real color capture. It is best tool for documentation and conservation purposes where shape and texture are equally important.​​

  • SMARTTECH3D DUAL VOLUME - it is a new generation of 3D scanners. The 3D scanner has two independent measurement volumes and two detectors at the highest resolution on the market. Large volume is dedicated to the measurement of large objects, which doesn’t need high- resolutions. Small volume enables reproduction of even the most precise details of the objects in high-resolution mode.​​

  • SMARTECH3D med - revolution lines of scanners 3D which is made by SMARTTECH company. These scanners are built for 3D measurement of: defects posture, wounds, faces, limbs and another part of the human body. This technology allows planning of surgery and comparing a treatment. With our 3D scanners you can measure and calculate e.g. how many material is needed for transplantation or how big must be a prosthesis.

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