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DyeMansion offers automated manufacturing solutions for the production facilities of the future. The in-house developed post-processing solutions cover every step after the production of an additive manufactured part and are specifically optimized for powder-based AM plastics. In doing so, DyeMansion is focused on two principles: Increase in productivity and geometry independence in order to obtain the advantages of the generative manufacturing.

"Our industrial post-processing solutions are optimized for AM plastics out of PA11, PA12, TPU or Alumide and compatible with all common powder-based technologies and systems. ."

Automated depowdering in under 10 minutes instead of time consuming blasting by hand with the DyeMansion Powershot C blasting cabinet.

Our DM60 plug & play coloring system is the world’s first automated coloring solution for powder-based 3D printed parts, that achieves any RAL or Pantone color.

With the DyeMansion Powershot S blasting system and our special blasting process for valuable surfaces, you’re parts will achieve a totally new surface quality standard.

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