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Cycle time (per run) : 2,5 h
Capacity (per run): Up to a full EOS P3
Color options :17 standard colors, 
Working temperature :115°C (239°F)
Weight : 250 kg
Penetration depth of the dye : 0,2 mm – 0,5 mm
Integrated cleaning program : Fully automated
Maximum part size (w x h in mm) : 400 x 450
Heating power : 6 kW
Required power : 400V 16A
Further required ressources : Demineralized water, fresh water, electricity, compressed air
CE marking of pressure equipments & compressors : CE0036

The world's first industrial coloring system for AM plastics.


As plug & play system the DM60 coloring system is very user-friendly and provides reproducible coloring results. All color pigments and additives are inside our color cartrigdes. These cartidges are available in four different sizes (S, M, L, XL) and can be chosen according to the volume of your parts. The process cycle is very easy. First, the cartridge is scanned by an integrated RFID reader. After that, the cartridge is insert into the basket together with the parts.

Submerged in a water bath, our dyes penetrate the plastic through a chemical reaction under pressure and heat. The penetration depth is typically 0.2 mm and can even be increased using our intensive color solution. No material is added and every surface is
reached in the water bath.

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Powershot C 

With the DyeMansion Powershot C blasting cabinet, up to 75% of a full EOS P3 can be depowdered fully automated in less than 10 minutes. That saves manpoweder and a lot of time. Thanks to the spacious 135L volumed rotary basket, which has been specially optimized for handling white powder-based parts. Even parts with complex geometries can be reliably cleaned from their excess powder.

Cycle time (per run) : Approx. 10 min.
Capacity (per run) : Up to 75% of a full EOS P3
Cyclone performance : 510 m^3/h
Dimensions (w x d x h in mm [in]) : 1.300 [51.2] x 1.665 [65.6] x 2.030 [79.9]
Space required (w x d x h in mm [in]) : 2.915 [114.8] x 2.465 [97.0] x 2.300 [90.6]
Weight : 480 kg
Borcarbid nozzles (2x) : 8 mm
Ionized air nozzles (2x) : Flat-jet (antistatic)
Laval nozzles (2x) : 8 mm
Compressed air consumption : 1.4 m^3/min at 2.5 bar
Max. permissible inflation pressure : 7 bar
Required power : CEE 16A
Certifications : ATEX directive 1999/92/EG, ATEX directive 2014/34/EU, guideline 2006/42/EG

Powershot S blasting system is used for the shot peening of powder-based parts. In order to meet the special requirements for these parts, we added some extra features to the rotary basket and the blasting cabinet.

When it comes to the quality of an additive manufactured part, the surface quality represents a significant factor. Depending on the application, different processing steps are necessary. Our coloring solution is compatible with all common steps. Even heavily tumbled parts can be colored homogeneously in combination with our shot peening process.


Dimensions (w x d x h in mm) : 1.054 x 1.570 x 1.970
Weight : 460 kg
Cycle time (per run) : Approx. 10 min.
Capacity (per run) : Up to 75% of a full EOS P3 
Cyclone performance : 510 m^3 / h
Max. permissible inflation pressure : 7 bar
Borcarbid nozzles (2x) : 8 mm
Ionized air nozzles (2x) : Flat-jet
Air nozzle : 4 mm
Air consumption : 1,4 m^3/min
Required power : CE 16A

© source  DyeMansion

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