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High performance topology optimization software

Topology Optimization
For many years mechanical and structural engineers have been
looking for ways to create light-weight but durable and
fatigue-resistant load-carrying structures. Topology optimization
methods now allow engineers to fulfill their idea in the best
possible way. Topology optimization uses mathematical
algorithms to get a design which exhibits removed stress
concentrations and the lowest stress levels for a given amount of
used material. This process is driven by prescribed support and
loading conditions acting on a structure modeled with a given
material. In this way the engineer can obtain the best possible
design fulfilling its mechanical requirements.

Topology Optimization using ProTOp
ProTOp is a standalone software package for topology
optimization. It is based on its own specially developed FEA
solvers containing only high-performance and fully parallelized
code. ProTOp takes as input FNF or INP files, generated either
by PTC® Creo®, Simulia® Abaqus, or SolidWorks® Simulation.
ProTOp has a user-friendly and fully interactive interface
enabling the engineer to monitor and influence optimization
progress as desired. Using ProTOp, the user can address two
topology optimization objectives: either strain energy
minimization to get lowest stresses or lowest eigenfrequency

ProTOp solution for Additive Manufacturing
Topology optimization tends to create organic geometry, if
adequate technological constraints are not imposed by the
engineer. Such designs are often impossible to manufacture by
the traditional methods but typically exhibit excellent mechanical
properties. To make most of this, ProTOp is equipped with
unique and advanced configuration tools which enable a usual
solid FEM model to be turned on-the-fly into a combined
solid/shell/lattice structure and optimize it immediately without
doing any extra CAD work. When finished, ProTOp offers smart
export capabilities to smooth and export your design in a form
convenient for a 3D printer

What’s new in ProTOp ?
The new version contains a completely restructured driver,
optimizer, and solvers. With the version 4.6 ProTOp is faster and more efficient in both, top-down and bottom-up optimizations.
In addition, the version 4.5 exhibits a much more accurate
computation of eigen-frequency sensitivities and an improved
importer for SolidWorks® INP files.
ProTOp 4.5 also contain three new technological constraint
types: BiUniDirOpen, PeriodAng, PeriodLin.


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