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RENA Technologies GmbH,  products are grouped into four business fields – multifunctional pulse plating-based coatings for the highest protection of various metallic substrates, high quality nanowires, processes and finishing modules for AM metal parts, and part-integrated sensor surfaces.


For the flexible and reliable finishing of 3D printing metal parts all three steps of the Hirtisation® process are included in the autonomous H-series finishing modules. The interface has been designed to meet the demands of the 3D printing industry allowing the integration into any industrial AM manufacturing enviroment. The user friendly interface enables the usage without any prior expertise in surface finishing. Powder residue is eliminated thoroughly; the treated parts leave the modules cleaned and vacuum and thus ready to use. The H-series modules support the tuning of the Hirtisation® post processing to the 3D-printig process for maximum efficiency and short finishing cycles.

Features and Benefits

  • Process applicable for all 3D printed metals and alloys

  • Automated removal of support structures

  • Automated removal of powder residue and powder cake

  • Levelling of surface roughness while retaining edge sharpness

  • Finished parts are cleaned and vacuum dried

  • Process chemicals are fully integrated, automatically regulated and can safely be replenished

  • Process time varies from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on part size and quality requirements

  • Multiple parts can be finished per run

  • Operation possible by personnel without special education


The H3000
The H3000 is your entry to the fully automated post-processing world of Hirtisation®. Therefore, it is specifically designed for quick and agile businesses such as on-de­mand print-shops. It offers optimal support for small-scale production of different parts and any R&D activity providing a part window of 300x300x150mm. One H3000 can handle the part feed of up to 3 AM-printers. Thanks to its modular design, the H3000 can be adjusted to various applications and provides a powerful and flexible tool for post-processing 3D-printed metal parts.


The H6000

Take the next step in Hirtisation® with the H6000. The big sister of the H3000 offers a larger part window of 500x500x350mm and enables a fully automated finishing of 3D-printed metal parts at industrial scale. The H6000 can handle up to two materials at a time and the part feed of up to 3-5 AM-printers. Inner buffering of production batches allow a 24h continuous production. Die H6000 was designed to fulfill the strictest environmental regulations.


The H12000

With the H12000 industrial finishing line a fully automated post-processing solution integrates seamlessly into the process chain of additive manufacturing. Targeting large manufacturing businesses, a single H12000 is able to finish the output of up to 25 3D printers. Thanks to parallel processing, a cycle time of less than an hour can be realized, allowing the post-processing of up to 500 parts per hour. The H12000 is capable of handling 4 different materials at the same time.

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